Objectives of the conference

  1. To provide a map and overview of TVET research (including priority areas) currently being undertaken internationally, and within Qatar, the GCC and the Middle East, in terms of key topics and research approaches. In so doing to locate the current TVET research agenda in Qatar, GCC and the Middle East within an international context.
  2. To identify current gaps in TVET research in Qatar, the GCC and elsewhere.
  3. To identify current providers and funding sources for TVET research.
  4. To facilitate and promote a dialogue between policy makers, researchers, and practitioners involved with TVET to bridge the existing gap between research, policy and practice.
  5. To identify the key issues, concerns and prospects regarding developing a doable indigenous research agenda for TVET in Qatar, GCC countries and the Middle East.
  6. To promote cooperation between UNEVOC Centres in the GCC and beyond in the area of TVET research.